Washi (Japanese paper) was made from original materials of wood specific in Japan.

Origami is also Japanese traditional paper culture. We created Origami by Washi and realized beautiful Japanese original design on it.

Kyo Yuzen is traditional kimono’s design created in Kyoto 400 years old.
Kimono’s design links deeply with the four seasons in Japan.
We selected beautiful and famous design Kyo Yuzen of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter for Origami.

Komon is one of the kimono’s design with small patters overall.
Edo Komon comes from Samurai(Japanese Knight)’s kimono patterns.
It links deeply with Samurai’s world. Only high skilled artist can make these very small regular patterns.

You can find beautiful four seasons designs of Kyo Yuzen and small regular patterns of Edo Komon realized on Washi.

Try your first Origami with instruction sheet inside.


Tsuru (Crane) :
Folding Tsuru(Crane) by Origami has very signif icant meaning.
Good health, welfare, peace etc, we fold Crane by origami hoping that our wishes come true, and we use it as decoration or send it as gift.
It requires handwork and time. Please try to fold Crane with all your heart, one step by one step.
Your wishes, riding on Crane’s big wings, may arrive to your special person.

This origami was created to fold Tsuru (Crane). Firstly, please start with“Instruction sheet” and follow the below instruction. You can learn how to fold Tsuru easily.
When you use Washi, it is recommended to write your wishes inside before folding Tsuru, hoping your wishes come true.