Piperoid Characters of KAMIWAZA

New Characters


Samurai Warrior Kojiro carries an extra long sword and strolls around with Butcher - a bulldog with sharp teeth that can even crack a rock. They boast to be the strongest in the village, but in reality Kojiro is actually a novice with swords, and Butcher has a timid heart being afraid to fight even toy poodles.


Hana works in a local tea cafe with the cafe mascot, a pet sparrow named Suzu. Hana has a crush on Rokusuke, a ronin (masterless samurai). Whenever he stops by for a drink, she gets overly excited and ends up brewing his tea too strong, giving him bad impression of their tea.

Linda & Doby

Linda has created her own following and has established herself as "Robot Punk Idol," but not without her manager Doby. With his brilliant negotiating and deal-closing skills, Doby has been able to win many contracts for Linda, despite the challenge of being a new music genre.

Musical Characters

Guyzer & Bean

Leader of the hard rock band 'Guyzer & Hell Brothers', anyone who's heard his music loves his tunes hands down - or so he dreams. Currently he's looking for additional members in his band, as his apprentice Bean is his only fan at this time.

Peg & Rim

This bass and drums duo is preparing for a major debut after being scouted when playing out on the streets. But they are perplexed by their friend Guyzer, who misinterprets the news and says, “With me and my guitar, we can finally from our trio-band, Hell Brothers!”

Tenor & Silky

Sax player Blow stands out with his unique hairstyle and loud laugh. But actually he is timid inside and always gets nervous before he goes on stage. He can calm himself down when he pets his cat, Silky, but the moody cat doesn't always allow him to do that. On those days, Tenor's performance on stage is as sad as it can get.

Japanese Characters

Rokusuke & Hachi

Rokusuke is a Kabukimono - a member of a group of jobless samurai warriors, or ronin, who are known by their violent acts and exotic fashions. Being always full of energy, he often gets himself in trouble except when his dog Hachi, who he adores excessively, is with him.
He flaunts his sword that he carries at all times, but it's actually so long that he can't brandish it himself.

Laiya & Gama

After completing a long training, Laiya has mastered ninja-magic to summon the giant toad, Gama. Laiya summons the toad just to show off her ability surpassing her rivals. However, Gama disobeys her orders and just keeps sleeping. What is worse, even when Gama is awake, it takes every opportunity to catch off Laiya’s guard and eat her. In the meantime, Laiya’s first task is to try riding on the toad’s back.

Smoke & Bill

Smoke is always serious and hard-working. His desire to master ninja techniques in a quiet and peaceful environment is often interrupted by Bill who babbles all day long. Perhaps he's bored with the reality of a ninja life where it isn't as exciting as the ones he's been fascinated by in the comic books.

Cute Characters

Lyric & Hook & Track

Members of the hip-hop trio Bad Animals are all ready for the stage, combining agile MC Lyric, the delicate touch of MC Hook, and groovy selections from DJ Track. Currently going through hip-hop magazines to decide which competition to attend next.

Snow Giant & Lop & Dwarf

Bunny siblings Lop and Dwarf are anxiously waiting to meet Snow Giant, who comes from nowhere during the snow season. No one knows who he is or where he comes from, but none of that really matters to the bunnies. All you can hear is them having fun all winter. "Let's have a snow fight!"

Captain Drill & Repeat

Captain Drill is a pirate who has traveled across the seven seas. Being famous for his short temper, in a fit of frustration, he threw his drill around and sank his own ship, forcing him to live on the shore.
His partner Repeat often impersonates his voice and issues commands---creating confusion amongst the captain's henchmen.

Other Characters

Dr.Penk & Bearborg

Dr. Penk is out on a mission, exploring old historic ruins never found before. To help his journey, he developed a super powerful robot, Bearborg, and equipped him with a “bear claw” on the right paw to open up any terrain standing in front of them. However, the robot easily gets distracted by honey combs, slowing down the mission to a crawl.


Dr. Penk is a little genius doctor. Always devoting himself to research, he shows no interest in fame despite many fans calling him "So cute!!" On the other hand, there is Goriborg, a robot built by Dr. Penk. As a Super Robot, he was built with the mission of invading the Earth under Dr. Penk's command. However things aren't working as expected so far...

Knight & Golem

Our Knight has finally made it! Having gone through steep mountain paths and rough ocean waves after leaving his village few months ago, the treasure sits just ahead of him. Next to it, however, stands a huge Golem that appears tougher than any of the enemies he has ever faced. What will Knight do?!? ... (An excerpt from the screen play they are practicing.)

Tackle & Pom

As captain of a football team, Tackle is sought as a big brother for everyone, but his heart only beats for Pom the cheerleader. He dreams of completing the touchdown pass of love to her, but Pom, being always moody and selfish, ends up just throwing him and the rest of the team around.

Super Red & El Blue

The masked wrestler brothers Super Red & El Blue have been training in the recesses of the mountains since childhood, so they have yet to make their ring debut. They humbly tell people, “We have a long way to go,” but they are the only ones who haven’t realized how fiercely strong they really are.

Funny & Angry

The popular duos are members of the world’s smallest circus troupe. Angry is gifted with tremendous skills but is a bit hard to get along with---often times blowing up at someone. In trying to entertain Angry every day, Funny has naturally developed his skills as a clown and now stands at a world-class level.

Lift & Pinch

Lift is a man of great strength but with rather straightforward personality. He is just being so self-confident that he always believes he is a champion of all kinds. As for Pinch, who has both the technique and agility is quick in devising a stratagem. The two good rivals share the same thought --- “flavour of victory is a taste of honey”. When summer is near, the burning urge to battle starts to stir for no reason.

Ron & Little G

Thinking him food, Dragon Ron took Little-G back with him from the robot R&D center. However, he soon found out that Little-G was too violent and selfish for him to eat, or even control for that matter. He can't stand himself for obeying Little-G when it climbs on his back and treats him like a pet.

Tengking & Tsubuten

Tengking and his apprentice Tsubuten are troublesome duo who plays pranks everywhere they travel. If a pencil unexpectedly is swapped with a pen, or an eraser that had been in front of you is suddenly missing, it's likely that this duo played some role in the act.

Salt & Papper

Salt gradually brings out the full potential of an ingredient, while Pepper helps realize the new potential of an another ingredient. As rival chefs, the two often argue on how best to extract the most out of an ingredient. However, at heart they know they need each other but have hard time admitting that to themselves.

Andy & Pino

Andy is a famous art prodigy with such talent that he can literally bring his works to life_ _ _even a wooden doll he created as a motif for his paintings. The doll was named Pino, and he likes to pull pranks by telling witty lies to people. Lately, it seems like Pino’s nose has grown longer ...

Octo & Deca

Octo and Deca both work at an aquarium. Being the elder of the two, Octo always comes up with pranks and forces Deca to play along with him. This time they have gone out on a mission to pat a sleeping shark on the head.